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In addition to her professional expertise, Cathy was a joy to work with.
Brenda Ewadinger
Home Buyer
From contract to settlement in 3 weeks and what a great home!
Lawrance Odonahue
Home Buyer

you need a realtor who can

Find your ideal location

Be close to the places that are important to you and your pet.

connect you with the community

Finding your dream home at the right price requires a well connected realtor.

Meet your unique needs

Unique situations deserve tailored care.

nervous about moving with your pet?

Will the HOA allow you to keep your pet?

What vet should you use?

Are there leash laws?

Where can you take your pet for fun?

“When you find a home where your pet’s as happy as you are, you’ll know you made the right choice.”


the process is simple

assess your needs
book a showing
find your dream home

Don't risk it

You don't want to give up your pet, so don't

The unknown can be stressful, especially if your pet's involved. One wrong decision could lead to a depressed companion. Or worse, a tragic separation from the one you love.

“I’ve worked in this community for more than 18 years, and I’ve got a thumb on the pulse. I know the people. I love them.”


Let me find your dream home, so you can enjoy what matters most to you.