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Activities for pets at the beach, isn’t always about the water. Some will love it and some won’t.

So let’s look at other things for your pets to do while living in the North Myrtle Beach area. 

We have dog parks. North Myrtle Beach has a small and large exercise area for you pets at the new Park a Sports Complex. Myrtle Beach also has a dog park at Market Common. Both are great facilities. And, if those parks don’t tickle your fancy, Surfside has one on the south end as well.

In North Myrtle Beach you can walk your dog on the beach without restrictions from September through April. But, from April to September they must be off the beach from 9 AM to 5 PM. Similar rules apply in Myrtle Beach and the sections of beach in the non-incorporated areas of Horry County.

All in all, your canine companions can have as much fun at the beach as you. Having said that, please make certain all of their vaccinations are up to date, and you might want to have them chipped before moving. There are lots of new things to smell and hear.

Fireworks at the beach are a common occurrence during the week and on holidays. The noise is loud and sometimes goes on for more than a few minutes, and your dog or cat may not be accustomed to the noise. If they bolt due to the noise, finding them again and bringing them back home is much easier if they are chipped. We want everyone to have a good beach experience, including your furbaby. Consider getting them chipped. 

Hurricanes happen. Horry County shelters do not allow pets. However, one option is to stay at a pet friendly hotel. Another is to look into boarding and kennel facilities. There are some veterinarian offices that offer housing, having said that making arrangements early is advisable. A cost friendly option to consider is dropping off your pets with family or friends who live in a safe zone. But please never leave your pets behind.

Pet owners should also create a pet travel kit. Plan for your pets like you plan for your children. The kit should inclued enough food, water, and medication for 30 days. It should also have two bowls, a leash, a collar, and a pet i.d. with a mobile phone number. this can all be kept inside of a crate large enough for keeping two pets. And, adding a toy helps keep pets comfortable during an evacuation.

Pet owners should also get a hold of medical documents. Many kennels, boarding facilities, and pet friendly hotels require these. Here’s a list of pet friendly hotels in South Carolina.